Products and Services

Practice Sale Transition:

We provide a variety of products and services for private practice transitions.

Executive Management Consulting:

We facilitate organizational efficiency, positive relationships and positive return on investment. Our strategies increase production and renewed value of human capital via collaborative management. Bud Ham consultants facilitate joint target setting, effective management, motivation /staff attitude and solutions for poor public relations from budget cuts, difficult transitions and rapid growth change. Retainer agreements established for comprehensive support.

  • Seminars and quarterly support with meetings
  • Clarify mission, values and employee vested direction forward
  • Focused, effective staff and higher production
  • Positive return on investment
  • Consulting advice available as needed
  • Comprehensive Support Package: unlimited monthly support
  • Access to Pod Casts, Kindle and other media sources
  • Fees based upon percentage of billing and sliding scale

Workshops and Seminars:

One-time events are useful for company/corporate transitions, growth, changes. However, one- time events are proven to have less effect in positive change than consistent support. Many clients who have reaped the return on investment many fold, received comprehensive support for a specific period of time. Effective change from good to great happens with consistency.

Examples of Topics Covered:

  • Consulting Based Sales
  • How To Build Trust-Based Relationships
  • Values-Based Work Performance and Values Clarification
  • Managing Our Differences without conflict
  • Positively Communicating Negative Information
  • Identifying and “Raising the bar” on what the team is doing right by applying the Law of Attraction
  • Characteristics of an Excellent Teacher – Identifying and Developing
  • Giving Up Good – Going for Great – From the book “Good to Great

  • Mutual Goal Setting and Effective
  • Performance Review
  • Stress reduction with the potential of eliminating worry
  • Spirituality in the Work Place
 (ie) Avoiding religiosity and not offending non-believers
  • Achieving Team Synergy
 (ie) Eight Principles of team membership
  • Managerial Styles
 (ie) The Human Side of Enterprise Theory X and Theory Y
 (ie) The managerial Grid System and Self-Management

 (ie) The Motivation to Work
 (ie) The importance of money in motivation
  • Life Style Inventory

Philosophical Presentations/Seminars

  • On Being Mission Driven
• Intellectual Honesty
  • The Golden Rule Revisited
• Three Great Truths
  • Tolerance for Differences
  • Payoff Concept in Time Management
  • Two human emotions that Greatly impact our lives – Love and Fear
  • Forgiveness and its influence on Health and Productivity
  • Alignment and what happens when a team member is out of alignment
  • Living in the Now and developing emotional control

Retreats and off site or destination specific seminars are available. Please contact Rose Smith.

Coaching: Single/ Couples/ Small Project Group  
Work Life Balance…There Must Be a Better Way!

Single monthly fees vary , Couple/ Team , 1 Hour meeting/ week intensive (4 x’s month), ½ day personal growth workshop within 6 months, 6 month agreement. Fees based on sliding scale.

  • Love based decision making
  • Personal growth, beyond barriers, freedom
  • Managing conflict/ growth
  • Eliminating fear/ regret

Tools For Excellence:
Published Books:  You Are In the Right Place by O.A. Bud Ham, Changing Places to, Another Right Place by O.A. Bud Ham, What Doesn’t Work and What Works by O.A. Bud Ham, TBA 2012

Ebooks: TBA on various media tools such as Kindle
Various Tools for Management: Patient/client Opinion Surveys, Referring Dr. Surveys and many more templates.
Pod Casts: see YouTube Link or google video TBA

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